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Thank you for visiting Le Moulin D’or Luxe French Bakery and Patisserie’s website. Le Moulin D’or has opened its doors since May 2017, in Basrah, Iraq. It’s a local brand that was founded with the partnership of European experts, specialized in the production of French bakery and patisserie, to deliver its pride in a pure picture and delicious taste.
Le Moulin D’or’s goal is to serve fresh French bakery and patisserie in abidance with European standards that combines good quality, healthy ingredients, and convenient price, which makes it a concept of reliance and trust.

Le Moulin D’or has proved during its first months that it has commuters who love, support, and trust its products, and the number is growing. Le Moulin D’or started to share its customers their joy, gatherings, and occasions, and support them with what they dazzle their loved ones and please their moods.
With the grow of its lovers, Le Moulin D’or has grown up as well, and spread over Basrah in Al Tahsinieya, Al Jubailah, and Al Mishraq Al Jadeed.
Thanks to those who visit it and loved it. Thanks to those who shared and supported the success of its concept, year after year during its journey. Thanks to you, you are the core of its concept!

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Slide Le Moulin D'or Opening at Al‐Tahseeniyah Branch   May 1, 2017 Le Moulin D'or opened its doors for the first time in Iraq and Basrah to present 
the  quality of Frenchbakery and patisserie. Hundreds of people were coming,
  Bienvenu au Le Moulin D'or!! 
Slide Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition at Basrah International Fair  December 4, 2017 Le Moulin D'or hosted the Basrah International Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition 
  with the participation of dozens of foreign, Arabic,   and Iraqi  companies,  to activate
 economic cooperation  between Iraq and Saudi Arabia in the field of oil  and gas. 
Slide Al Moosawi Hospital Birthday at Al Moosawi Hospital main building.  January 5, 2018 A special birthday cake was made and presented by Le Moulin D'or for Al-Moosawi Private  
Hospital's 13th birthday. Happy birthday Al Moosawi Hospital  andong life l filled with  
joy and productivity! 
Slide Le Moulin D'or Opening its 2nd Branch at Al‐Jubailah March 8, 2018 Le Moulin D'or opens its second shop at Al‐Jubailah center, right in front of the
Basrah Time Square. Cute, Quiet, and Compelling, welcome everyone, Bienvenu!
Slide College of Pharmacy Festival at  the College of Pharmacy  March 19, 2018 Le Moulin D'or participated in the University of Basrah, College of Pharmacy's  annual
 festival called "A Herb Heals", and helped to enrich visitors experience  with healthy
 food and good quality. Le Moulin D'or has got a letter of appreciation from  the dean 
of the college. Thanks to the College of Pharmacy for  this respect and opportunity. 
Slide College of Medicine Conference at Basrah Hospital for
 Gynecology and Pediatric
April 6, 2018 Le Moulin D'or participated in the University of Basrah, College of Medicine
  Conference for medical studies and researches, hosted in the Basrah Hospital 
for  Gynecology and Pediatric (aka Ibn Ghazwan Hospital).  
Slide Le Moulin D'or Opening at Al‐Mishraq Al‐Jadeed May 1, 2018 Le Moulin D'or opens its third branch at Al‐Mishraq Al‐Jadded, a kiosk inside
the Basrah Center Supermarket building. Cute, Quiet, and Compelling,
welcome everyone, Bienvenu!
Slide Le Moulin D'or 1st Birthday at Al Tahseeniyah Branch.  May 1, 2018 A big fat year has passed away with full energy, Le Moulin D'or expanded its  branches 
as well as its products assortment. A big gathering events for the people  who sponsored
 and cared about it. Thanks to everyone who made this a great  success!! 
Slide Pioneer Company for Pharmacology Conference at Basrah
 General Hospital
December 11, 2018  Le Moulin D'or participated in the pharmacology conference hosted by Pioneer Co  at  the
 Basrah General Hospital (aka Al Jumhoory Hospital).  
Slide Oil and Gas Conference at Basrah International Hotel   December 12, 2018  For the second time, Le Moulin D'or participated in the Oil and Gas Conference  that 
was hosted by Royaa Al‐Ufoq co at Basrah International Hotel (aka Sheraton).  
Slide Iraqi BAR Association Conference at Basrah Courts Complex  December 23, 2018  Le Moulin D'or participated in the Iraqi BAR Association Conference for Lawyers at  the
 Basrah Courts Complex.  
Slide Al Moosawi Hospital Invitation to Iraqi Medical Association
 members on Al Salam Cruise
January 3, 2109 Le Moulin D'or sevred the welcoming of the Iraqi Medical Association members who
  came from acorss the country to meet in Basrah, within the hospitality of Al Moosawi
Private Hopital. Very nice weather on board of Al Salam Cruise, with the nice view of
Shattil‐Arab and its two wide banks.  
Slide The opening of Le Moulin D'or branch in Baghdad, Zayouna May 15, 2021 Le Moulin D'or opened its new branch in Bagdad
located in Zayoona, near Al Sha'ab crossing


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